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To provide all leading Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances that combine performance with value pricing whilst consistently striving to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.
To become the market leader in providing high quality top brands to the end user in most dependable and reliable way.

To supply globally recognized and high performing electronics appliances that are backed by local warranty and product support.

To deliver best value to our customers, our principals and our people while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.

We believe in rewarding success and initiatives, we strongly encourage teamwork, practice open communication and commit to offer a safe and healthy working environment for all
We enjoy taking care of our customers and this makes us a fun community to belong to.

We focus on always delivering quality products; we apply professional principles in every aspect of our business and operations.

We work to provide products that are simple to get, use with authority; we seek to apply transparency in all that we do.
To offer customer best of all Consumer Electronics and Domestic Appliances available in our market that not only satisfied customer but given them confidence of getting from authorized brand reseller.

Growth Strategy TVONICS Pakistan looking forwards to follow vertical growth approach toward targeting that focuses on specific customer. We are using owned media campaign i.e. through direct sale, bank credit card plans, web site to target potential audience that will be easier for us to establish brand recognition for product that we offered.
Retail Channel In Pakistan the consumer rights are hardly taken care of nor there any effective body to safeguard the same. All depends upon the retailers attitude and profile and the guidance they give during the decision making process. Therefore the need for sound, ethical and well organized retail point is the need of the hour, although in the last one decade the trend of up-scale retailing is creeping up particularly in the cellular sector. Few leading local retailers have taken the initiative to become professional after the induction of modern retail.

B4U is an owned subsidiary company of TVONICS Pakistan has come to bring new trend in Retail selling. B4U stands for the best and the top brands appliances available in the country.

The current retail profile is vastly of non-professionals who just concentrate on pushing the products rather than building the Customer Relationship, there is hardly any focus on customer centric approach.
Our Price, Procurement, Delivery, Customer Support and Warranty are unmatchable even against local importers, manufacturers, whole sellers and distributors.
Commcord Communication Pakistan is owned by the TVONICS Pakistan as another company for our business. Our business enterprises interested in sales tax/ GST invoicing is served through Commcord Communication Pakistan.
We are strategic partner with Surmawala in Karachi for their North Nazimabad Showroom.
Surmawala is the leading chain store company having over 40 retail outlets in different areas of Karachi.

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Our Price, Procurement, Delivery, Customer Support and Warranty are unmatchable even against local importers, manufacturers, whole sellers and distributors